25th Anniversary Championship Show 2012 - Results

  Our Judge for this special day was Mrs. Janet Burke (Jacobian)

Dog CC and Res BIS : CH. Breezelyn Dark N' Dazzlin

Res. Dog CC: Gypsypoms I've Got an Asbo

Bitch CC and BIS : Gypsypoms Ah Bless (her 3rd CC)

Res. Bitch CC: Cradarr Military Fanfare, JW , Sh CM.

Best Dog Puppy and BPIS : Kimimela's Cisco Kid

Best Bitch Puppy and RBPIS: Lireva's Dancing for Gold

Best Veteran: Bilijees Sweet Hope

Veteran Dog (2)

1. Playalong Dancing Wolf

Minor Puppy Dog (10)

1. Kimimela’s Cisco Kid (BPIS)

2. Carripom Arizona

3. Pommania Headline News

4. Aizen’s Little Survivor at Altina (Imp, Esp)

5. Bowlou Odd Man Out

Puppy Dog (6)

1. Pommania Headline News

2. Megatoy New Year Edition

3. Pommania’s Best Parti in Town

4. Pomirosa Precious Gift

5. Baromar Parti Boi (NAF)

Junior Dog (7)

1. Aizen’s Black Thunder at Altina J.W. (Imp Esp)

2. Keisyl Has Soul

3. Wishingate Dark Secret

4. Vaders All That I Am at Galchris

Yearling Dog (3)

1. Soffies Ferrari (AP 00850 DNK)

2. Densown Mr, Bean

3. Jillapom Roll of the Dice

Post Graduate Dog (6)

1. Gypsypoms Ive Got An Asbo (Res CC)

2. Bermuda Mystery Gaurvotas at Carripom (Imp Lth)

3. Gillipom Stuart Little

4. Altinas Pom Travolta at Blackstar

5. Megatoy New Year Edition

Limit Dog (9)

1. Abbeyleigh Affirmation

2. Vaders I’m The Man

3. Altinas Silver Banner J.W.

4. Carripom Zachariah SH. CM

5. Laydelins New York New York to Keisyl

Open Dog (6)

1. Ch. Breezelyn Dark N’Dazzlin (Dog CC and RBIS)

2. Ch. Lireva’s Short Sir Kit

3. Pomstyle You Make Me Feel So Good at Pommania (Imp Rus)

4. Altinas Silver Comet J.W.

5. Starfires Miami Vice at Carripom (Imp USA)

Special Beginners Dog (5)

1. Densown Mr Bean

2. Megatoy New Year Edition

3. Jillapom Roll of the Dice

Special Any Parti Colour & Black and Tan (4)

1. Bermuda Mystery Gaurvotas at Carripom (Imp Lth)

2. Aesthetics Asta La Vista For Pommania (Imp Rus)

3. Chars Jimmy Choo at Baromar (NAF TAF)

4. Baromar Parti Boi (NAF)

Veteran Bitch (3)

1. Bilijees Sweet Hope (Best Veteran)

2. Ch. Sueacres Buttercup J.W.

3. Bilijees Lily of the Valley

Minor Puppy Bitch (6)

1. Lireva's Dancing for Gold (Best Puppy Bitch, RBPIS)

2. Bowlou Pie In The Sky

3. Chicago Myst for Keisyl

Puppy Bitch (7)

1. Abbeyleigh Orangina

2. Foxlyn Here Comes Summer

3. Megatoy New Year Review

4. Lireva's Future Ristic

5. Bowlou Blond Assasin

Junior Bitch (10)

1. Abbeyleigh Orangina

2. Pikapom Ebony Star

3. Vaders Fairy Footsteps at Boazpoms

4. Manatek Feelin Fruity

5. Bryandee Gypsy Star

Yearling Bitch (4)

1. Altinas Lunar Eclipse

2. Breezelyn Love at First Bite

Post Graduate Bitch (8)

1. Wishingate Silver Cherub

2. Pomirosa Sweet Bubbles

3. Gillipom Crystal Illusion

4. Bowlou Red Ribbons

5. Altinas Layer of Silver at Boazpoms

Limit Bitch (10)

1.Gypsypoms Ah Bless (Bitch CC and BIS)

2. Lireva's Cast an Net

3. Abbeyleigh Creme Brulee

4. Pommania's Sun Blushed Parti

5. Lireva's to Hell and Black J.W.

Open Bitch (7)

1. Cradarr Military Fanfare Sh CM (Res CC)

2. Ch. Lireva's The House Mouse

3. Parapom Mark of Distinction at Foxlyn J.W. Sh CM

4. Ch. Altina's Truly Celestial J.W. Sh CM

5. Martipoms Franzipan at Bowlou

Special Beginner's Bitch (5)

1.Bilijees Arabella

2. Megatoy New Year Review

3. Playalong Sunbeam

4. Bilijees Vanilla Ice



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