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History of the Pomeranian Club of

South Wales (founded 1987)

The Pomeranian Club of South Wales was born in 1987, when a group of very enthusiastic Welsh exhibitors formed together to bring into being the club we are all very proud of. These people have worked very hard to lay the foundations of a club that is growing and thriving very soundly.

 We were lucky to receive a lot of support from our founder members who so generously gave donations and trophies.  To these people we offer our most grateful thanks and appreciation, and hope for your continued support.

 Our first Open Show  was held on Saturday 24th, October 1987, and our Judge was

 Mrs Ann Winter ( Rosskear). We had a grand entry and a very memorable day.

Since then we have held two open shows every year, all very well supported.

On the 19th August 1995  we were highly delighted to hold our first Championship

Show,  our Judge having been Mrs Lynn Webster (Pomlyn) .

With your continued support we look forward with much enthusiasm to our future shows.

 Our aim is to help and encourage responsible ownership and breeding of this beautiful

 breed, where our warm Welsh hospitality and friendly atmosphere awaits all members

 and exhibitors.

Written by Hon. Secretary Mrs Jean R Stone, the year 2008.

Below are copies of material/photos from the Club's early years.

Published in Pomeranian 'One' 1987


Published in Pomeranian Five 1995 


Clicking  on 'History of Poms -Wales' on the LH menu ladder will take you  to  A History of Pom Exhibitors from Wales 1880-1965, written and compiled by Vivienne Peterson and  Vycki Brock, also responsible for the The Pom Project (a very carefully researched, informative, and enlightening history of our breed).






















































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