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 The majority of Pomeranians are lively, healthy individuals However,there are a number of conditions to which they appear susceptible in varying degrees and the more breeders can work together in an attempt to eliminate these problems, the better it will be for the future of our lovely breed.

The Kennel Club offers a number of schemes/facilities designed to promote the importance of health and fitness in Pedgree dogs and for breeders to strive to breed dogs which are 'Fit for Function'. Every Breed Club has been advised to have a Health Officer who can be contacted by owners of their particular breed should their dog have experienced any health issues. The Health Officer would then be able to make a note of the nature of the illness (no personal details need be provided) and eventually a picture should emerge regarding the conditions which appear more frequently than others. When the Health Officers present their findings to the Breed Health Co-ordinator, then an even fuller picture may be obtained and the findings could be used to positive effect regarding the future of each particular breed.

The Health Officer for the  Pomeranian Club of South Wales was Pat Phillips (Playalong)  Tel: 01443 672829:  email: [email protected] 

The Breed Health Co-ordinator for Pomeranians is Julie Sparrow (Casarow)


Here is a link to a KC article on the subject: http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/media-centre/issue-statements/teacup-puppies/

Below are the Results (re Pomeranians) of a 2004 (all breeds)  Health Survey

The report carries a warning that the results of the survey should be interpreted with caution as the overall response rate [within our breed] to the questionnaire was rather low: 24%  compared with an average response of 4.5 - 64.7% across all breeds.

A total of 141 forms were sent out to Pomeranian Breeders and 22 were returned, representing 126 live dogs. Thus within our breed, the response rate was 22/141. .

The information below is from one section (Table 3) of the results regarding the Pomeranian. A link to the full report will be provided further down the page.

Table 3. Disease conditions by organ system/category for the Pomeranian breed.

From the information supplied, 74 of the 126 , were reported as having health issues of varying degrees as follows:

Disease condition  (number and percentage) . Most common specific conditions in descending order:

1 Dental 18  Retained puppy teeth; dental disease

2 Musculoskeletal 11 (14.9%) Patellar luxation; prognathism; arthritis (unspecified)

3 Reproductive 11 (14.9%) Infertility; agalactia; uterine inertia; false pregnancy; irregular heat cycles; prostatomegaly

4 Dermatologic 8  (10.8%) Pyotraumatic dermatitis; dermatitis; alopecia; recurrent pyoderma; unspecified

5 Endocrine 6 (8.1%) Unspecified; hypothyroidism

6 Respiratory 5 (6.8%) Hypoplastic trachea; noisy breathing; tracheal collapse; trachitis

7 Cardiac 4 (5.4%) Heart murmur (unspecified; grade 3); CHF; arrhythmia

8 Ocular 3 (4.1%) Epiphora; corneal ulcer

9 Aural 2 (2.7%) Otitis externa

10 Cerebrovascular 1 (1.4%) Stroke or cerebral vascular accident

11 Gastrointestinal 1 (1.4%) Colitis

12 Immune mediated 1 (1.4%) Gluten-sensitive enteropathy

13 Neurologic 1 (1.4%) Granulomatous meningoencephalitis (GME)

14 Trauma 1 (1.4%) Unspecified

15 Uncode and other 1 (1.4%) Uncodeable

 A link to the full report is as follows:       http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/download/1610/hspomeranian.pdf

Here is a link to the Home Page of The Kennel Club, where you can access information about their various health initiatives by clicking on the appropriate heading on their menu bar:  http://www.thekennelclub.org.co.uk/

 The Health Pages on our Club site will provide information about the conditions which appear to arise most frequently from concerned owners.  Where possible, links will be provided to informative articles/videos. Please note that the diagnosis of a health problem needs to be undertaken by a vet and the information/links provided on the various conditions are for additional interest only.


















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