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                  Open Show 24th Feb. 2013 - Results


Judge : Mrs.Nicki Worthington (Nyellastock)

BIS: Norvanik Gold Digger J.W.

RBIS: CH.Our Ambassador for Trenarwyn J.W. Sh CM.

BPIS: Sidlyn Clowning for Joy

RBPIS: Reta's You Sexy Thing

BVIS: Bilijees Sweet Hope

Veteran Dog: No Entries

MPD: 3 (2 Abs)

1. Reta's You Sexy Thing

PD : 4

1. Pommania's Head Line News

2. Bowlou Odd Man Out

3. Ivory Statesman

4. Char's Jimmy Choo at Baromar

JD: 1 (Abs)

YD: 4 (1 Abs)

1.Keisyl Has Soul

2. Soffie's Ferrari

3. Sandchize Quite Glorious

PGD: 3

1. Keisyl I'm Sparticus

2. Tuttsclump Rob the Rebel

3. Sandchize Quite Glorious

LD: 4 (1Abs)

1. Villenelle Linked to Love

Best Dog: CH. OUr ASmbassador fro

2. Keisyl Phantom OVD Opera

3. Pomirosa Precious Gift


1. Ch. Our Ambassador for Trenarwyn J.W. Sh CM

2. Ladelins New York New York to Keisyl

SPD: 3 (1Abs, 1Wdrwn)

1. Sandchize Quite Glorious

Best Dog: Ch.Our Ambassador fro Trenarwyn J.W. ShCM

RBD: Keisyl Has Soul

BPD: Reta's You Sexy Thing

Vet B: 2 (1Abs)

1. Bilijees Sweet Hope

MPB: 2

1. Sidlyn Clowning for Joy

2. Breezelyn Too Hot to Handle

PB: 5 (3Abs)

1. Bowlou Pie in the Sky

2. Chicago Myst for Keisyl

3. Nornvnik Blonde Ambition

JB: 4 (3Abs)

1. Bowlou Blonde Assasin

YB: 4 (1Abs)

1. Bryandee Gypsy Star

2. Manatek Feeling Frutti

3. Trenarwyn Tennessee Tease

PGB: 4

1. Breezelyn Lobe at First Bite

2. Marglyn Kisses for Me at Penresa

3. Bowlou Red Ribbons

4. Pomirosa Sweet Success

LB: 4

Sidlyn Just a Clown

2. Bilijees Vanilla Ice

3. Bilijees Arabella

4. Pomirosa Sweet Bubbles

OB: 6

1. Norvanik Gold Digger JW

2. Pomirosa Sweet Magic

3. Bilijees Forget Me Not at Elmway

4. Trenarwyn Blazing Eclipse

5. Martipom Franzipan at Bowlou

SBB: 2 (1Abs)

1. Bilijees Vanella Ice

Best Bitch : Norvanik Gold Digger; Res BB : Breezelyn Love at First Bite; Best PB: Sidlyn Clowning for Joy.

The Leon James Memorial Class: 10 (entry fees donated to L.A.T.C.H)

1. Breezelyn Love at First Bite

2. Bilijees Forget Me Not at Elmway

3. Pommania's Head Line News

4. Bilijees sweet Hope


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